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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

The Mitre family has over 50 years of experience in the real estate development and civil construction industry.  Following Fabricio Mitre’s appointment as our CEO in 2008, we elevated our corporate governance and adopted new strategies in order to embark on a high and sustainable growth cycle, which has endured through today.

We operate in all regions of the City of São Paulo, with a particular focus on regions that exhibit high growth potential, high demand and lower competition. In order to more efficiently manage our business, we divide our real estate developments into two product lines: Raízes, which we target to middle-class customers, and Haus Mitre, which we target to upper middle-class customers

Both product lines are carefully customized for each region in which they are developed, offering different size options, mainly two and three-bedroom units and, to a lesser extent, one-bedroom units and studios, each with exclusive services, points of access and common areas.

We have a strong organizational culture focused on results and that encompasses the following values: Meritocracy, Ethics, Ownership, Focus on Results, Cooperation and Captivation. Our operations are marked by five pillars present in each of our departments: Costumer Satisfaction, People, Profitability, Products and Execution.

In our more than 50 years of history, we have always operated in a continuosly evolving market, and notwithstanding our   current business model, we will continue constantly evolving to keep up with the market trends. We increasingly seek to add meanings and experiences to the word “live”.